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About Us

Legal Service Providers aims to provide a robust online platform to both the clients and the lawyers / advocate / chartered accountant / advisor / consultant where they can connect to each other in a very simple and easy way.

We at Legal Service Providers focus to provide you, the best suited lawyer / advocate / chartered accountant / advisor / consultant to your case, as we care for our clients.

Legal Service Providers is created to help people and clients who are looking for any kind of legal aid or advice at your very own location and in your own city and in any legal domain. Legal Service Providers is a lawyer / advocate / chartered accountant / advisor / consultant search platform where your best fit lawyer / advocate / chartered accountant / advisor / consultant is just a click away. Our mission is to provide a quality services to meet your legal needs in more cost-effective and easy manner.

“The moral arc of the universe is long, but it went towards justice.” Justitia or Iustitia, the goddess of justice personifies Lady Justice of India attributing herself with blindfold, a balance and a sword. The scale balance signifies the weighing of a deceased’s heart with the feather of truth, implying the course of trial being strengthened or weakened depending upon the case’s support and oppose.

The blindfold similarly signifies impartiality without any regard to wealth, power or any similar accomplices. The sword on the other hand signifies utmost conclusive justice in a swift manner. Thus the Lady Justice of India assorts our legal system to be truthful, impartial and conclusive.

Legal Service Providers simulate the idea of legal assistance to your needs by perambulating the course of action required. Legal service provider enlist itself among the leading merchandise for confabulation purposes in between an individual and the slick in profession, either be it the legal lawyer professionals or the chartered accountancy professionals.

We have step in to the foundation to create an everlasting service platform which will be exclusively legal in nature adhering to the vast applicability of the same field. In addition to the legal advice we could deliver, our firm also provide the chartered accountancy advice too.

Legitimate opinions are essential to each and every business setup or an individual seeking for valuable documentation such as, tax filling, firm registration, land registration or similar registration works. Private as well as government sector, both requires juridical aid equally.

Thereby we proudly introduce ourselves as the Legal Service Providers for everyone in their city.
En route yourself for the best legal services!